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Department Staff

Department Staff
Name Title Phone Email Photo
Jonathan Butler Contractual Developer (217) 303-5873


Jonathan Butler
Erik Delcomyn Contractual Programmer (217) 303-5874


Erik Delcomyn
Dakota "Cody" Edwards Information Technology Manager/Administrative Coordinator (217) 303-5872


Dakota Edwards
David Garvey Web Portal Site Content Specialist (217) 303-5859


David Garvey
Jerome Grimmer Applications Analyst (217) 303-5857


Jerome Grimmer
Kimberly Heinisch Customer Service Specialist (217) 303-5851


Kimberly Heinisch
Marcus Lathan Customer Service Representative (217) 303-5841 Marcus Lathan
Olivia Griesheim Miller Training and Development Specialist II

(217) 303-5855


Olivia Griesheim Miller
Latoya McRae Integration and Training Coordinator (217) 303-5865


Latoya McRae
Chris Scheufele Contractual Programmer (217) 303-5848


Chris Scheufele
Natasha Telger Associate Director (217) 303-5866


Natasha Telger
Kim Kipping (Carbondale Office) Workforce Development Specialist (618) 453-1937


Kim Kipping